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Our Management

Wilfred Mawoneke (Director) - Former Site Electrician with Murray and Roberts Construction and currently an Electrical Foreman in the Mining industry and has more than 18years in business or field and is one of the founders of Mawer Electrical Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

Beauty Mawoneke (Finance & Adminstration Director) - She has vast experience in accountancy.She is also a co-founder of Mawer Electrical Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

About Us

Mawer Electrical is an electrical engineering and contracting company established and registered in 2019 with its main head head office located in Harare , Zimbabwe.Through our marketing strategy and quality products , Mawer Electrical has accumulated a strong and healthy market trust through a simple principle that is Earn Trust With Business

We are among the leading distributors of electrical,Mechanical and Hardware products in the country.We have been providing support and services to all major industries ,contractors and traders in the region.

We are driven by technology advancement to deliver tomorrow's solutions today at a cost effective price of high quality products.We strive to offer total solutions to our customers with high quality products.

Our Objective

To become one of the leading market share holder in one of the most competitive market in the world

Our Goal

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our company

Mission Statement

WE are committed to provide our products at the right time at the right place with zero tolerance.

Vission Statement

To be reffered as the most favourable company in the electrical , mechanical and hardware trading industry.


  • Mawer Electrical has built its culture based on a strategic planning and development,personnel training and sound management policies.

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Our Key Services

************ Making Everyday Bright ************

Lighting and Power Installation System

Proper electrical lightning designs provide more than just enough light to see, it provides a cost effective and safe electrical design that is properly integrated into the rest of the facilities electrical system. People are naturally drawn to more complex objects and brighter light. Through the incorporation of shapes, hidden light sources, and varying light intensities, a good lighting design will invoke curiosity, stimulate deeper thinking, and complement any facility.

Standby and Emergency generator design

Generator system designs can be quite complex and in certain circumstances are required by code for some types of facilities. Nursing homes, data centers, critical factory operations, and many other systems have need for standby and/or emergency generators. These systems need Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), power command and control systems, battery back-up, and sometimes uninterruptable power supplies (UPS). The determination between using a 3-pole versus a 4-pole transfer switch can impact your existing systems and must be engineered appropriately.Mawer Electrical Engineering has the expertise needed to properly design your system in accordance with the set standards.

Motors and Motor Controls Development

Industrial motor controls in today’s environment have become very complex given the nature of multivariable and nonlinear machine dynamics. The differences between the systems and subsystems required for DC motors, brushless DC, and AC induction motors requires an in-depth analysis and understanding of these critical systems. Nearly 50% of the world’s electricity is consumed by electric motors. With the cost of energy continuing to rise, today’s industry is focused on installing microprocessor-based, variable-speed drives. These new motor-control technologies are estimated to reduce energy consumption by more than 30% when compared to the older constant-speed motor technology. However, these advance motor control systems often require the capacity to monitor and measure voltage and current; sense changes in temperature and motor speed, along with numerous other factors, all the while communicating with encoder data interfaces.

System upgrades

When preparing for new electrical equipment, many factors from conductor amperage limits, conduit sizes, panel capacities, and numerous other factors can make huge differences in weather a major upgrade is required, or just a simple breaker replacement is needed

overhead & Underground reticulation system

We provide both overhead & underground for small, medium & large scale reticulation systems.

Lightning Protection Systems

Protect your premises for natural hazards.You can not afford to loose your property due to lightining induced damage.

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